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Luke Wiseman, PhD
Professor, The Scripps Research Institute
Luke Wiseman is Professor (joint appointment) of Chemical Physiology, as well as Professor of Molecular Medicine, at The Scripps Research Institute.  He is a leading expert on understanding the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR), including how organellar stress-responsive signaling pathways integrate to regulate cellular protein homeostasis in response to genetic, environmental, or aging-related insults. Through these efforts, Dr. Wiseman’s laboratory is defining how alterations in stress-responsive signaling contribute to the onset and pathogenesis of human disease. The lab is also working to identify specific aspects of stress-responsive signaling pathways that can be therapeutically accessed to correct pathologic imbalances in protein homeostasis associated with etiologically diverse diseases. Dr. Wiseman received his BS in chemistry from the University of Virginia and his PhD in chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute.
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